59°30'18"N / 25°5'28.5"E

59°30'18"N / 25°5'28.5"E

Port Services

  • Navigation season - 15th of April till 15th of October
    To enter the port by car at Nuki tee 10/12, Ülgase village, Jõelähtme county, you have to call the chargeable number (in+out: 2.50+2.50 = 5.-€) you find on the gate and the gate opens automatically.

    Arriving into the port by sea you have to enter the coordinates 59°30'18"N / 25°05'28.5"E into your GPS and use the traffic plan in the marina of port. the traffic plan

  • Prohibitions, obligations and restrictions in the port area:
    Scootering, fishing, feeding of waterfow, swimming, flying of drones etc (detailed information in the port regulations)

  • Partners:
    East Baltic Coast

  • Launching boats
    To use the slip, call the chargeable number (in+out: 4.50+4.50=9.-€) you find on the barrier and the barrier opens automatically. The slip is 32m long with 1:7 inclination and reaches the depth of 2 m.

  • Mooring
    For mooring there is a pier with 22 mooring places (this includes 10 mooring places for for visiting) for craft with dimensions L=10m, T=4m, draught up to 2,5m.

Resort Hall

Using lounge and conference-room all year round.

Accommodation and leisure services
according to the price-list.

Conference-room for up to 40 people
(O-shaped desk for up to 20 people) and using the lounge for up to 40 people.


All year round

Using repair facilities (from 20.-€/hour, includes possibility to use 500kg telpher). Storing boats during off-season (upon agreement)



Marianne Vainola
+372 5235000

Koljunuki Sadam OÜ

59°30'18"N / 25°5'28.5"E
Reg. nr. 11507305
Nuki tee 10/12, Ülgase küla,
Jõelähtme vald, 74220 Harjumaa

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20km from Tallinn
5km from Jõelähtme Golf



Tuule kiirus: 2.5 m/s, puhanguti 3.1 m/s
Tuule suund: 190°
Meretase (EH2000 / BK77): +21 cm / -3 cm
Õhutemperatuur: 9.7 °C
Veetemperatuur: 13.7 °C

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